School News
10th Jul 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

If your child has missed their vaccinations this year, please feel free to make an appointment at one of our clinics that we are running during the Summer Holidays.

If you HAVE consented for your child to receive the vaccination but the child was absent, unwell or refused in the school session, then please email or call us and let us know the childs name, dob, school they attend and which venue you would like to attend and we can make an appointment for you.

If you have NOT completed a consent form and would like an appointment for your child to receive their vaccination then please give us a call in the office so we can check your childs vaccination status and complete a consent form over the phone.

The Vaccinations that were given this year are for Year 8 (HPV) and for Year 9 ( HPV, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and meningitis)

Please see the Clinic list for our contact details and the dates and times of the venues that are most convenient.

Community Clinics

 Summer Holiday Clinics 2023

Bridlington Cornerstone Church  Monday 24th July  9.00-3.00pm

                                              Priory Childrens Centre  Wednesday 26th July  9.00-3.00pm

Acorns Childrens Centre Wednesday 26th July 9.00-3.00pm

Acorns Childrens Centre  Thursday 27th July  9.00-3.00pm

Driffield Childrens Centre  Friday 28th July  9.00-1.00pm

Withernsea Childrens Centre 31st July 9.30-3.00pm

Goole Leisure Centre Bus Tuesday 1st August 9.30-3.00pm

St Nicholas Church Hall Beverley Wednesday 2nd August  9.00-3.00pm

Priory Children Centre  Thursday 3rd August   9.00-3.00pm

Acorns Childrens Centre   Friday 4th August 9.00-3.00pm

Lemon tree Childrens Centre   Monday 7th August  9.00-3.00pm

Bespoke Centre Zeals Garth Monday 7th August 9.00-3.00pm

Haltemprice Vaccination Bus Tuesday 8th August 9.00-3.00pm

Bespoke Centre Zeals Garth 9th August 9.00-3.00pm

Hornsea Leisure Centre Bus Thursday 10th August 9.00-3.00pm

Fenchurch Childrens Centre   Friday 11th August 9.00-1.00pm

Lemontree Childrens Centre Monday 14th August 9.00-3.00pm

Bespoke Centre Zeals Garth 15th August 9.00-3.00pm



Please call or email IntraHealth for an appointment and to complete a consent form if you have not already done so.

0333 358 3397 options to either the East Riding or Hull 



IntraHealth Vaccinations Team