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Examinations at The Marvell College are managed by the Data, Examinations and Curriculum (DEC) team.

The team consists of the Deputy Headteacher, an Assistant Headteacher, the Examinations Officer and a team of trained examination invigilators.

On a daily basis the main point of contact would be our Examinations Officer, Miss Stephenson, kstephenson@themarvellcollege.com.

The DEC team manages all internal and external examinations for all Year Groups. This includes requesting entry details from subject leaders, making examination entries, generating seating plans, liaising with subject leaders and Heads of Year, making arrangements with the facilities management company, training and booking of invigilators and liaising with Examination Boards as required.

For relevant examination bodies all examinations, controlled assessments and other non-examination assessments are conducted in line with JCQ guidelines. The publications for candidates are on their website here: https://jcq.org.uk/exams-office/information-for-candidates-documents. The guidelines of other awarding bodies, such as NCFE, are followed as required and are available on their websites. No deviations from such guidelines are permitted under any circumstances.

Students will complete most of their public examinations at the end of Year 11 but it should be noted that some examinations may be taken during Year 10 in certain subjects. The Marvell College does not condone the taking of family holidays at any time, but especially so during the examination period which is predominantly May and June of each year. Parents and Carers who are unsure as to what examinations their child may be taking should contact their child’s Head of Year in the first instance.

GCSE and equivalent examination results are released on the nationally published date which is normally the last Thursday in August. Year 11 students are invited into school to receive their results on this day. Students in other year groups will receive their results from their classroom teachers on their return to school in September.

Certificates for Year 11 students are normally received from Examination Boards during September and October following the release of results in August. Once all certificates have been received the college will write to students explaining how they may obtain their certificates.

Students who left the college more than 12 months ago should contact our Examinations Officer, Miss Stephenson, kstephenson@themarvellcollege.com with any queries they may have about obtaining any uncollected certificates.


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