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Student Leaders for The Marvell College

School News
3rd Oct 2022

Head Girl — Megan M

“Hi, I’m Megan M and I’m head girl. I wanted to be Head girl because I believe that I can make a difference to the school and make students at The Marvell College excited and happy to come to this school every day.

Also, I think that it is essential that the students’ voices are heard and that their opinions are enforced within the school.

I can’t wait to help and make a difference within the school.”


Head girl


Head Boy — AJ G

“My name is Aj G and I’m the newly appointed Head boy for The Marvell College. I feel very privileged to have this role and can’t wait to represent the school.

Year 11 has a challenging year ahead and I will strive to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you.”

Head boy