School Rules

The Positive Discipline System is outlined in the student planner and is also displayed in every class room. Students are fully aware of the system as well as the rewards and consequences included in it. Copies of the system procedures and the Behaviour Policy can be obtained from the College on request.

The basis of the system is that students are expected to attend regularly, be on time, be in the correct uniform and be prepared for the day. This includes having with them a bag, their planner and suitable writing equipment. It also expects that students will come to College in a work like manner, ready to learn and meet their targets so that they can ultimately achieve and be successful.


Students can earn Rewards in a variety of ways. Mainly through the Marvell Merits school reward system.

Additional rewards are given for attendance, progress, contribution to College life, effort and achievement. These are presented in the Celebration Assemblies at the end of each term.

Consequences (Sanctions)

We have a Yellow Card system in place where if a student demonstrates low level distruption three times in a lesson, then they are removed from the lesson and escorted to the Pastoral Centre by a member of staff who is on Learning Walk.  The student remains in the Pastoral Centre until the end of that lesson after which they will return to curriculum.  The following day the student will have a lunch-time detention.  Please refer to the Pastoral Behaviour and Discipline Policy for more details.

If a student is involved in a critical incident they will be placed into Holding/Internal Exclusion whilst the incident is investigated by their Head of Year.


Anti-Bullying Policy

The aim of the policy is to make sure that every student feels safe, secure and happy.
At The Marvell College  incidents of bullying are not accepted and we strive to ensure that all reported incidents are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Our Anti-bullying Policy is to support students who are victims of bullying. It is important that any student who feels bullied reports the concerns to a member of staff immediately so that appropriate support can be given and consequential action taken in a restorative way.

Contacting the school

If you have questions about any of our rules or if you have been subjected to any of the above situations please contact your child's Head of Year.