Regular attendance is vital to progress. Evidence shows that good attendance is linked to good progress and a higher level of achievement.

Students can track their own attendance in their planners.  Attendance information is also displayed in the tutor rooms.

Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that their children attend College regularly.

Parents and carers are asked to avoid arranging medical and similar appointments during College hours. (Evidence may be requested)

Parents and carers are asked to telephone the attendance team at the College to explain any absence. Prior notice of any extended absence is required so that relevant work can be arranged if appropriate.

It is our policy to telephone home if absence is unexplained and it may not be authorised. Any absence including holidays taken during term time will only be authorised at the discretion of the Head Teacher and further action may be taken if not authorised.


It is very important that students arrive to College and all lessons on time. The College day starts at 8.50 am and all students should be in their tutor period by this time.

For lateness to College, or any lessons, consequences will be issued as per the Behaviour And Discipline Policy.

Signing Out

If students need to leave College during the teaching day they must have permission from the College and must sign out at reception.

Permission will only be granted if a letter or note in the planner is brought from home for the form tutor or Year office who will check authenticity. If students need to leave during lesson time, the letter/note must be shown to the teacher before the lesson starts.

Before leaving the premises students must sign out at reception. This is a Health and Safety issue because we need to know who is in the building/ on the site at all times and that all students are accounted for.

Please note that students are not allowed to leave the site at break times and will be sanctioned as per the College Behaviour And Discipline System. Students in Year 7 - Year 10 are not allowed out at lunch time. Year 11 students have the option of leaving the school site at lunch time only, provided they are back in school in good time for afternoon lessons.