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The Importance of Reading

The college library is located on the ground floor of the college. The library houses both fiction and non-fiction resources. The library is a comfortable learning and chill-out area equipped with soft seating, bean bags and desks and chairs.

Why is reading important?

Here at the Marvell College, our library is situated prominently at the front of the school, highlighting the importance of reading for every pupil. All students are encouraged to read regularly for pleasure in order to improve their vocabulary, creativity and to broaden their understanding of wider world experiences. Reading regularly improves students’ ability to access texts across the whole curriculum and it is our school’s aim to instil a love of reading in all of our pupils.

Our Library

We are proud to offer a wide range of new and classic novels within our library, in addition to an extensive non-fiction collection. We are committed to listening to our pupils and ensuring that new texts are ordered based on feedback on what books they would like to see more of in our library.

Our library is open during break, lunch as well as before and after school and provides a quiet space for students to complete independent study on the computers or to do some independent reading. Throughout the day, our librarian is on hand to support students with their reading and choosing of books as well as ensuring that the library is being used in a productive way by all pupils.

Accelerated Reader

The Marvell College has a whole school approach to reading through the use of the Accelerated Reader programme. Each pupil is expected to take quizzes on the books that they have read; this is a key way to track pupils’ reading progress and also a great incentive for pupils to read regularly. We offer half termly competitions between form groups for the highest word count on Accelerated Reader and it is an expectation that all pupils quiz regularly on the books that they have read. Reading time during registration is an excellent opportunity given to students to ensure that they are able to read regularly and participate in the Accelerated reader competition.

Reading Interventions at The Marvell College

We offer a wide range of reading interventions to support groups of pupils with their reading progress and offer one-to-one support with the help of our dedicated librarian.

Reading interventions currently running include:

The National Literacy Trust Skills Academy - This fantastic reading programme enables students to develop key reading skills alongside learning an array of football skills and tricks.

Tutor Time Reading Groups - These weekly groups focus on guided reading sessions; small groups of pupils work alongside teaching assistants to develop reading skills.

Accelerated Reader Teams - This is a team approach to accelerated reader where small groups of pupils work together in the library to achieve the highest word count on Accelerated Reader through independent reading. These teams are led by our helpful Year 10 reading mentors who were selected based on their ability to be an excellent reading role model to younger pupils.

How can parents support our pupils in their reading?

We strongly encourage parents to take an active role in ensuring that their child is reading regularly. Having conversations about what your child is currently reading is a key way to track their progress and ensure that they are changing their book regularly. Although we allocate time during form and English lessons for students to read regularly at school, completing 20 minutes of independent reading at home each day will accelerate reading progress dramatically. Therefore, we encourage parents to support their child to partake in 20 minutes of independent reading each day.

Library Opening Times

Period Times
Morning 8.00am – 8.30am
Morning Break 10.15am – 10.30am
Lunchtime 12.30pm – 1pm
After - School 3pm – 4pm (Friday 3.45pm)

Most items are available for loan and are catalogued using the library’s indexing system.

The librarian is available from Monday to Friday and is happy to provide assistance as required and to receive suggestions from staff or students for new purchases.

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