Marvell Merits

Marvell Merits

Our new school reward system is quick and easy. Students need to earn stickers from teachers to collect prizes. Each term students will work to complete a different coloured sheet in their planners with stickers. If they get a full page of stickers and their attendance is over 95% for each term they will earn the privilege of going on a college trip.

Examples of trips are listed below but these may be subject to change;

Autumn Term – Bronze Page – Cinema Trip

Spring Term – Silver Page – Bowling Trip

Summer Term – Gold Page – Flamingo Land Trip

To keep students on track and reward them as they gain stickers they can also earn other rewards. For example, FREE sandwiches, drinks and stationery. These can be redeemed from your House Offices instantly.

The platinum bonus page is an extra challenge. This page can only be filled with stickers from the Head Teacher, Deputy or Assistant Head Teachers and Heads of Year.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Well there is just one thing that makes it a little harder than it sounds.  Each teacher only has a certain number of stickers to give
out each term so students need to make themselves stand out and be sure that they get rewarded.

Set your aims high and strive to fill the platinum page, a full platinum page, is a page to be proud of.

Good luck and happy earning!