Careers Advice

Careers advice

Careers Advice

Here at The Marvell College, we feel it is very important that you get the support you need to make informed decisions about your future. Careers information, advice and guidance (IAG) is an essential part of the support offered by the college.  

We have a number of resources in the LRC to help you make decisions and are free to use for all students.  Resources include an ICT suite, college and training provider course booklets, university prospectuses and much, much more!

In addition to these College based resources you can also access the following for further information, advice and guidance:

This website is unique to The Marvell College.  You can use this website to research Labour Market Information (LMI).  Basically, this website allows you to research how much money you can expect to earn in different industries, how many jobs there will be (in this region) in your chosen industry over the next ten years, how much you will earn in relation to your levels of qualifications and much, much more! This is a live website and is constantly updated using up-to-date government data and predictions.

You can use this website to research jobs/career ideas (use the ‘Job Profile’ search engine within the site). The information on this site is unbiased and allows you to gain a firm ‘real’ understanding of specific jobs and careers.  Information such as hours, typical wages, skills, general activities, working life, routes into the job and much, much more! There are always links to industry websites and related jobs at the bottom of each search.

You can use this website to research all pre and post 16 provision in Hull and East Riding. Every single college course and apprenticeship opportunity on offer in the area is listed on this website. Use the ‘Find a course at 16’ tab to research your options.

In a nut shell this website has everything you need to know about apprenticeships – including employers in this area looking to take on an apprentice!


Mr G Crossley - Assistant Headteacher