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The Marvell College Uniform  2016/17

College Uniform Statement

Please be aware that we have taken the decision NOT to change the school uniform during this academic year to avoid unnecessary costs to parents/carers.  We will now commence a review of the uniform and consider the views of pupils and parents/carers.  If you wish to make your views known to us please do so by emailing admin@themarvellcollege.com 

Uniform an personal appearance guidance

Please find below our detailed guidance on uniform and personal appearance.  To help parents/carers we will also regularly write to you to update and clarify matters related to uniform 

Year 7+ 8
*College Black Blazer
White traditional style school shirt or blouse –choice of long or short sleeved
*College Tie
*College Grey Jumper with Black V - choice of long or short sleeved (optional)
Black traditional style school trousers
*Girls may have the option to wear the college Grey School Skirt (kilt style) Black School Shoes

Year 9 - 11
*College Black Blazer
*College Tie
*College Black Jumper with Grey V – choice of long or short sleeved (optional)
Black traditional style school trousers
*Girls may have the option to wear the College Grey School Skirt (kilt style) White traditional style school shirt or blouse – choice of long or short sleeved
Black School Shoes

PE Kit

Years 7-11

*College black fleece
*College indoor PE polo
College black shorts
College black socks
*College outdoor PE polo(boys only)
Suitable athletic trainers
Gum Shield
Shin pads
Hockey/football boots

*College track pants
*College rain jacket


All uniform marked with a star is to be purchased from our school uniform provider.

Steadyschoolwear, 29 Holderness Road, Hull, HU8 7NA - 01482  236 682.


Further Clarification and Exemptions

As noted above students are not allowed to wear any jumpers or cardigans other than College V necked sweat shirts with logo or the new V neck jumpers with contrasting V with either long or short sleeves.

Trousers must be plain black traditional style (e.g. boot cut or wide legged) not fashion trousers which include jean style, cargo style, leisure trousers, stretch, leather or denim, ‘skinnies’, straight leg, leggings, ‘jeggings’ etc. They may not be shorts, cut downs or short legged trousers, be too long and overhang shoes or trail on the ground, be low waisted, hipster or bare midriff trousers. They must not have patterns or metal or plastic adornment or trim.

Shoes must be plain black without contrasting trims or logos. They must be fit for purpose and suitable for weather conditions in this country. Boots*/training/sports shoes/sand shoes/canvas/high  heeled shoes are not suitable and neither are the
‘pump’ style shoes often worn by girls unless they have a substantial sole and meet
the other requirements outlined above.

*In wet weather it may be more appropriate to wear plain black low/no heeled
short ankle boots providing they are worn with trousers over the top and do not have
contrasting trims or logos or big buckles etc. ‘Ugg’ type boots will not be
acceptable. This will be at the discretion of the Head Teacher.

It is not permissible to wear any clothing which is too small or any ‘fashion’ items
deemed inappropriate by the college.

If in doubt please check with the Year teams before purchase.

Other Related Issues

Head wear
Head wear of any description may not be worn on the college site except for authorised religious observance, medical need or severe weather conditions which must be authorised by the Head Teacher when appropriate. This includes Baseball caps, hoods on jackets, woolen hats or any other form of head wear. Students may be allowed to wear sun hats for PE lessons but only when deemed appropriate by the PE staff.

Jewellery and Accessories
Students should not wear jewellery on the college with the exception of a wrist watch. Necklaces, bracelets, finger rings and ear rings are not permitted. Any student wearing these items in college will be asked to remove them and they may be confiscated.

Body / Facial Piercings
Jewellery in facial and body piercings is not permitted. Body piercings and associated jewellery have the potential to cause harm to the wearer and others and may be deemed a Health and Safety issue.

If a student disregards the policy after a warning then any jewellery will be confiscated by a member of staff, jewellery confiscated for the first time will be returned to the student at the end of the day. Parents/carers will be informed of persistent offenders, they will be required to contact the college and collect the jewellery at a mutually convenient time. Failure to respond may result in sanctions being imposed.

Belts can only be worn if fit for purpose, plain black with discreet buckle. They may only be worn through belt loops in the proper manner. They may not be coloured, studded or chained.

Make Up
Students in all years are not permitted to wear any make up. If students arrive in college wearing makeup they will be asked to remove it by their tutor or year team.

Nail varnish is not permitted for any Year group. Students should also consider carefully before applying acrylic/false nails during term time.

Mobile Phones – see separate - school policies

NB Students should not bring large amounts of money or valuables into the college and the college will not accept any liability for loss or damage to jewellery or any other valuable or confiscated items.

If you think you maybe eligible for FSM or a uniform grant please contact Hull City Council on 01482 300300.