School Trips/Visits

Educational Visits

There are many educational visits throughout the academic year, including the below established trips.

KS3 Geography trip to Flamborough (coastal landforms)-May/June
KS3 Geography trip to Netherlands (ecosystems) -End of May
KS3 Geography G&T trip to Hull environmental conference - Nov
KS4 Geography trip to Castleton for data collection - March
KS3 Trip to Great Yorkshire show (BLD)
KS3 History battlefield trip - July
KS3 French trip to Paris - early July
KS4 Football tour - Easter hols
KS4 Trip for business to coca cola and Meadowhall
KS4 Art trip to London
KS4 Performing arts trip to London - Oct

Paying for School Trips

Slips and monies should be returned to the finance (second floor)a receipt will be issued.
Any difficulties in paying for trips- please contact the trip organiser (name on the letter).
Trip participation is dependent on good behaviour in and around the college as pupils are representing the college's good name when out.

All trips are planned according to a strict set of procedures and a stringent risk management process. Please contact the Educational visits coordinator (Amanda Gray) or the trip organiser for further clarification, should it be required.