Hull Schools Trampolining Competition

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Hull Schools trampolining Competition- Saturday 7th June 2014

5 pupils from Andrew Marvell College competed in the Hull Schools trampolining  event against a number of schools in the city, including St MARYS, Malet Lambert and Winifred Holtby.

Each pupil completed a set and a voluntray routine infront of 3 judges. The effort was exceptional and thanks to those pupils who gave up their time to come and compete- well done!

1. Bradley Nicholson- U13 Novice-1st place
2. David Fountain- U15 Novice- 1st place
3. Callum Walton- U13 Elite- 2nd place
4. James Wilkinson- U13 Intermediate- 2nd place
5. Leon Wilson- U15 Elite- 5th place