Music at KS3

In Year 7 and Year 8 pupils experience a broad range of music with a focus upon performing, composing and listening and appraising.  In Year 7 pupils complete units of work on how to read music, the Instruments of the Orchestra, Pentatonic Music, Indian Music and Classical Music.  In Year 8 pupils study Film Music and the Media, African Music, Blues and Jazz, Pop Music and Song Writing.  All of these units are linked with the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum for Music and are designed to give students a broad knowledge of music styles and genres as well as to challenge and develop their skills in performance, composition and listening & appraising.

Music at KS4

At KS4 pupils will continue to develop their musical skills through following the Edexcel BTEC First Award in Music.

Within this course pupils will complete four units of work.

Unit 1: The Music Industry (Core Unit): Students will study the different organisations and job roles that exist within the music industry. This unit is assessed through completing an externally assessed written exam.

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product (Core Unit): Student’s work as a class to produce a music product, this could be an end of term concert or the creation of an audio CD. Students are not assessed on their musical ability during this unit but on their planning, developing and evaluation of the creation of their music product.

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance: Pupils will explore different performance and rehearsal techniques while producing their own live performance.
Unit 7: Introducing Music Sequencing: Students will develop their skills within Music Technology through composing and editing their own piece of music through using specialist music software.